Bridge Connector

Bridge Connector’s app automates patient creation and updates between Allscripts and your solution of choice. For example, if your new patient intake workflow begins outside of Allscripts, this app will seamlessly bring those patients into your Allscripts Practice Management system, updating or creating the patient record in the EHR.

No double entry. Streamlined patient creation and updates.

Give your team the power to automate the patient creation and update process to reduce the risk of duplicate records often caused by double documentation. Use Bridge Connector’s app to easily exchange patient demographics between the Allscripts Practice Management system and any other system of choice.

We know you may have other systems that are utilized for a specific aspect of healthcare delivery, and not all of those systems include an easy way to share the patient demographics with Allscripts. The Bridge Connector app allows you to leverage these additional systems while eliminating the need for double patient demographic documentation. Users can seamlessly add a new patient record or update an existing one in Allscripts, and it creates or updates those demographics in the other utilized system(s). This creates a collaboration that to this point has been unavailable.Bridge Connector is an IPaaS that is used to automate healthcare workflows for hospital systems and providers.