MedeFile provides the service of collecting, digitizing, indexing and storing all of a patient’s actual medical records. Gathering all of a patient’s medical information is essential to both short and long term health considerations. Storing vital information- blood type, allergies, medications and indications- reduces the potential for medical errors and duplication during regular doctor visits, if a patient changes or adds doctors, or in the event of an emergency or unscheduled hospital visit.  Patients can have their vital information when it truly is vital.

MedeFile members can access their medical information online, using any Internet-enabled cell phone or PDA, or with our MedeDrive, a specially designed USB drive that contains the exact information held in your account, or whatever medical information you want to have on your person in an emergency.  MedeFile is integrated with Enterprise EHR to pull relevant data into a patient's Medefile account.


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