FHIR Applications

Allscripts works with a number of software developers and HIT vendors through our Allscripts Developer Program. The applications on this list have either self-reported that their solution is “production ready” for Allscripts clients and patients to use or, if indicated, have been tested through the certification process available to organizations participating in the Allscripts Developer Program.

All solutions on this list use FHIR enabled APIs provided by Allscripts and available to Allscripts clients using Sunrise 16.3, TouchWorks 17.1 or Professional 17.1 (minimum versions).

Company/Developer Name App Name Tested by Allscripts Website
Apple Apple Health Records Yes https://register.apple.com/health-records
PatientLink MyLinks Yes www.mypatientlink.com
One Record OneRecord Yes OneRecord.com
1upHealth 1upHealth No 1up.health
Applied Research Works Inc Cozeva No https://corp.cozeva.com/
ByteFlow Dynamics ByteFlow Dynamics No byteflows.com 
Care Evolution CareEvolution No CareEvolution.com
Careport Health CarePort PST No https://careporthealth.com/
Charli Charli No kpca.mycharli.com
Coral Health Coral Health No coral.health
DrFirst Huddle Health by DrFirst No http://www.drfirst.com/
DxOrders DxOrders No www.dxorders.com
Embleema Embleema No www.embleema.com
Embleema Patient Truth No www.embleema.com
ET Labs Physician Sign Out No www.physiciansignout.com
Foresee Medical Inc. ForeSee ESP No www.foreseemed.com
Human API Human API No www.humanapi.co
IM Your Doc IM Your Doc No www.imyourdoc.com
InPracSys AfterFive No InPracsys.com
Interopion Heparin Calculator No https://www.interopion.com
Interopion Lilly Diabetes Education No https://www.interopion.com
LabCorp DxA No www.labcorp.com
MaxMD MaxMD No www.maxmddirect.com
Medocity Medocity No medocity.com
Perspecta Ingestion No perspecta.com
Prevounce Prevounce No Prevounce.com
Protocol First Clinical Pipe No www.clinicalpipe.com/ehr
Replete Health Replete Health No www.repletehealth.com
Rimidi Rimidi No www.rimidi.com
Scriptchain Scriptchain No www.scriptchain.com
Seqster Seqster No www.seqster.com
Testimonial Tree Testimon ial Tree No get.testimonialtree.com 
The Commons Project Foundation CommonHealth No www.thecommonsproject.org
Xyram eCRNow No www.xyramsoft.com
YoCierge Inc. YoCierge Record Retrieval No https://yocierge.com/
Zohrx ZohRx No www.zohrx.com